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A seasons greeting to you all, and as many of you have heard The Galloway Fisherman is now open and producing some wonderful food.  The reports are very positive and it's nice to be able to share some of Galloway's secret ingredients with you all.  I was so busy with all the woodwork that I have very few "memoirs of a food lover" to share with you this year, so Billy the chef has been called in.  I hope you enjoy what he has to offer and I will get back to a real diet soon.

Last Christmas was very busy indeed and as ever I listen to your feedback - the hot smoked salmon sides were too small, so these have been increased to 1Kg.  Far more impressive on the table and with thicker fillets the fish tends to be juicier.  The dressed crabs so popular in the summer have been included so a little bit of Galloway sunshine can be enjoyed.  Another cheese has been found.  This is a soft goats cheese from across the Irish Sea.  This is the first goats cheese that I have found, that to be quite frank hasn't got a goaty taste.  It is soft, creamy and has a sharpness that is really refreshing.  Once smoked another layer of flavour is added.  Try it, you will not be disappointed!  The Christmas trees were also really popular and I even had a phone call in April from a customer who had put the tree outside after Christmas and wanted to know if it had rooted as there was still no needle drop.  If you want one delivered please look for the special instructions.

Here at the Galloway Smokehouse we pride ourselves on our quality control.  All our fish are hand filleted, our kilns are small allowing close monitoring of small batches, our raw materials are the best we can find and attention to detail is second to none.  All foods are cured with salt before smoking and to balance the harshness most smokehouses add sugar.  To give a fuller flavour we add dark syrup and black rum.  After smoking we still bone and slice by hand then vacuum pack to seal in the distinctive flavours.  A little slower but the results are worth it!  So with the best in raw materials, lots of love and attention and that extra special fresh Scottish air, our prize winning smoked foods are a gourmets delight.  They can all be kept in the fridge or freezer without any loss in quality.  In fact, a selection of Galloway's finest in the freezer is always a good insurance for those emergency gourmet occasions.  I like to know what I am eating and where it came from, all our products have full traceability and nothing is on offer that is not tried, tested and enjoyed at my table.  So if you have not already tried some of our best make this Christmas something to remember and order as soon as possible - you will not be


                      Happy Christmas     


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