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Galloway Smokehouse

Nestling on the banks of Wigtown Bay is the Galloway Smokehouse, home of prize winning smoked salmon, trout, seafood and game. From the simple kipper to the grand salmon a huge variety of smoked food is on offer.  As well as selling smoked foods, we sell a wide variety of local produce including Galloway honey, jams, pickles, sauces and ice cream.  We also have a fresh fish counter.  Some of the fish we catch ourselves, some is bought from local fishermen who we know personally, and some comes from further afield.

 We know our fish, we are local fishermen ourselves, fishing Wigtown Bay mainly for Sea Bass and Grey Mullet, but we can also catch Flounder, Skate, Dover Sole, Plaice and Mackerel.  We also smoke our produce on the premises.  So if you would like us to fillet your fresh fish or split your lobsters in half, please just ask! 

If you would like to have a look around our smokers and have someone explain the smoking process to you, or you would like us to smoke a fish youíve caught yourself Ė just ask!  We can also offer a polystyrene box and an ice pack to keep your purchases in best condition if you have a long way to travel Ė  do ask!  We are here to help!

Our sustainable fishing practice

As a small fishing operation we fish very sustainably using gill nets.  We are not trawling so donít indiscriminately scoop shoals of fish out of the water killing everything that is caught, then throw back fish that canít be used when they are already dead. 

Fishing the shallow shifting channels of Wigtown Bay where we have to work to the time of the tide, means we must repeatedly place and raise gill nets about every half hour.  The result is any fish caught are still alive when we raise the net.  As we have to take each individual fish out of the net, those we donít want or that are too small are returned ALIVE, so they can go on and produce the next generation.


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