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Galloway Smokehouse

A Season's Greetings to you all!


Since I wrote this last year there has been quite a bit of excitement in politics with the UK shaken and a little stirred, the Russian bear grumbling about being poked, more religious unrest and the EU wanting a handout. Here in Galloway things were a little calmer. We had a wonderful warm and dry summer and with the general improvement of the mood of the economy heading north, a very busy summer was had by all. We had good catches of local fish and shellfish and with prices down  I hope you had chance to enjoy  the taste of the real thing. 


 Two new projects were started. The Galloway Fisherman, our very own restaurant which aims to supply our finest from the smokehouse and the best Galloway has to offer, with a guarantee of provenance very few could match. What could be better than enjoying the taste of really fresh fish whilst enjoying the view over the bay from where it was caught that morning?


The second project involved a little bit of modelling which got off to a shaky start but the results are enclosed and can be seen at the Selkirk Arms in Kirkcudbright.


As ever we have added a few new products for you to try  - Lorne sausage, the infamous square sausage named after an area in Argyll and popularised by Tommy Lorne a famous comedian. Made from venison of course, they can be used for that special cooked breakfast before bagging some Munros, a guaranteed no spill sandwich or just add a little water for perfect stuffing. We also have a smoked cheese produced at the Cream of Galloway and reminiscent of Gouda.


Here at the Galloway Smokehouse we pride ourselves on our quality control. All our fish are hand filleted, our kilns are small allowing close monitoring of small batches, our raw materials are the best we can find and attention to detail is second to none. All foods are cured with salt before smoking and to balance the harshness most smokehouses add sugar. To give a fuller flavour  we add dark syrup and black rum. After smoking we still bone and slice by hand then vacuum pack to seal in the distinctive flavours. A little slower but the results are worth it! So with the best in raw materials, lots of love and attention and that extra special fresh Scottish air, our prize winning smoked foods are a gourmets delight. They can all be kept in the fridge or freezer without any loss in quality. In fact, a selection of  Galloway's finest in the freezer is always a good  insurance for those emergency gourmet occasions.  I like to know what I am eating and where it came from, all our products have full traceability and nothing is on offer that is not tried, tested and enjoyed at my table. So if you have not already tried some of our best make this Christmas something to remember and order as soon as possible -  you will not be disappointed!   


This year we are also selling our own, home grown Nordman Fir Christmas trees, which we will deliver to your door.  The Nordman fir has a great reputation for not shedding it's needles, so makes a great Christmas tree.  Our trees are grown on land that provides our water supply so our trees are not sprayed with herbicide, pesticide and growth suppressant hormones like the big commercial Christmas tree farms do.  Instead we control grass and herbage by cutting and strimming, and stop trees shooting by crimping the tops.  This is a lot of hard work, but we end up with beautiful uncontaminated spring water, the wildlife (and our free range hens!) enjoy chemical free forage and insects, and we can offer Christmas trees with no hidden chemical coverings!      


Happy Christmas


From me and the rest of the gang!


Allan Watson




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