We are not licensed, so feel free to bring your own alcohol!


 Bacon Roll                                                                            £3.50


Bacon & Egg Roll                                                               £3.50       


French Toast & Smokehouse Bacon                                  £5.50       Served with Maple Syrup


Soup of the Day                                                                  £4.50       Served with Homebaked Bread


Garlic Mushrooms                                                              £5.00       Creamy Garlic Mushrooms Served with Homebaked Bread


Cullen Skink                                                                       £6.00

Traditional Scottish Milk Based Soup with Smoked Haddock, Onions, Potatoes & Leeks.


King Scallop                                                                    £5.50 

Locally Landed King Scallop Served with Pieces of Bacon, Smoked Black Pudding and Wilted Leaves.


Galloway Smokehouse Smoked Salmon                        £6.95

Make your own Open Sandwich with Galloway Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Served with Brown Bread, Cream Cheese with Dill and a Salad Garnish


King Prawn Linguine               Starter: £6.00 / Main £12.00

King Prawns in a Sweet Chilli, Garlic and Pepper Sauce, Served on Linguine.


Baked Camembert (Starter for 2 people or Main for 1 person)  £9.50

A Whole 250g Camembert Studded with Fresh Garden Rosemary,  Served with Apple Puree & Crispy Bread


Smoke House Sharing Platter  (Starter for 2 people)     £12.50

Sample a range of Galloway Smokehouse’s products including Smoked Duck, Hot Smoked Salmon, Smoked Egg, Smoked Mackerel Pate, Smoked Venison and of course Smoked Salmon, served with Oatcakes


Seafood Pancake                                                            £13.95

Fresh Mixed Fish, Prawns & Crab cooked in a Creamy, White Wine Sauce, Served in a Crepe topped with Smoked Cheddar, and a Side Salad.

Galloway Fisherman’s Fish & Chips     Small £7.75/Main  £12.00

Fresh Haddock in Citrus Yeast Batter, Handcut Chunky Chips and Mushy Peas.


Sirloin Steak Garni                                                     £18.00

8oz Steak  cooked to your liking with Grilled Tomatoes & Mushrooms, Served with Handcut Chips, Crispy Onions and Salad Garnish.


Coconut Mango Smoked Chicken                               £12.50

Smoked Chicken in a Mango & Coconut Sauce, Served on Rice.


Buttery Kedgeree                                                          £8.50

Originally a Victorian Breakfast Dish – Buttery Rice with Smoked Haddock, Eggs, Parsley and Peas Finished with a Dash of Cream and Curry Seasoning


Gammon Steak & Chips                                             £11.75

A Simple Classic of 8oz Gammon Steak, topped with Pineapple or Fried Egg and Served with Salad & Handcut Chips


Brill Fillet                                                                 £13.00

A Delicately Flavoured Flat Fish, our Locally Landed Brill is Served with Hollandaise Sauce, Roast Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables


Trout Fillet                                                                  £11.95

A Fillet of Rainbow Trout Served with Bearnaise Sauce, Roast Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables.

Galloway Smokehouse Macaroni Cheese                   £7.25
Macaroni Cheese, made with Galloway Smokehouse Smoked Cheddar, Topped with Bacon Bits and Served with Chips.
 Fish Pie                                                                     £9.25
Fresh Mixed Fish, in a White Wine Sauce with a few Peas, Flavoured with a dash of Tarragon and Topped with Creamy Mashed Potato, Served with Seasonal Vegetables.


Falafel Wrap                                                               £9.50

Fried Spiced Chick Pea Dumplings with Fresh Homemade Harissa Paste, Jalapenos and Salad in a Flour Tortilla Wrap


Vegetable Tagine                                                         £9.50

A Moroccan Dish with Chick Peas & Vegetables in Aromatic Citrus Casserole Served with Cous Cous.


Burnt Aubergine Veggie Chilli                                   £9.50

Aubergine, Charred to remove the Skin, Cooked with Lentils, Vegetables, Kidney Beans, a Little Dark Chocolate and Spices to produce a Tasty Vegetarian Chilli. Served on Basmati Rice with Tortilla Chips.


The Galloway Fisherman’s House Burger                   £10.95

Two 4oz Homemade Beef Burgers Served in a Brioche Bun with Salad and Crispy Onions, Served with Coleslaw and Handcut Chips.

(Add Galloway Smokehouse Bacon for £1.50, Smoked Cheddar or Smoked Stilton for 50p)




Vanilla Crème Brulee                                                     £5.50

Served with  Homemade Shortbread Fingers


Belgian Sugar Waffle                                                    £5.50

A Warm Waffle Topped with Ice Cream and Lashings of Butterscotch and Chocolate Sauce.


Tart au Citron                                                                £5.50

A Tangy Homemade Lemon Tart in a Butter Pastry, Served with Chantilly Cream


Sticky Toffee Pudding                                                  £5.50

Traditional Sticky Toffee Pudding, made with Dates, and Served with Dark Toffee Sauce


Fruits of the Forest Panna Cotta                               £5.50

Served with Raspberry Coulis and Chantilly Cream


Three Cheese Cheeseboard                                           £8.00

A changing selection of three Cheeses (Please ask) served with Pickle & Oat Cakes


Cream O’Galloway Ice Cream – (£1.75 a scoop) choose from

Vanilla, Honeycombe, Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Gingerbread,

Sticky Toffee,  Caramel Shortbread, Mint Choc Chip

  • Smoked salmon