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Warmed smoked mussels

A very simple way of eating our smoked mussels and what a difference.

Place a enough smoked mussels in a ramekin and add a knob of butter, a couple of slices of garlic clove and a dust of black pepper. Warm in the oven or microwave and serve with crusty bread to dip the juice.

Crab Thermidor

First of all make a thermidor sauce. Sweat a small onion in butter until soft, add double cream and smoked cheddar to thicken. Season with black pepper and a touch of garlic. Warm a dressed crab in the oven or microwave and pour the sauce over it. The crab is best eaten with the sauce on top rather than all mixed together, as the brown and white meat have different flavours and textures.

Serve with a crusty roll and a bottle of chilled white!

Crab and haggis soup

You will need a pan and a pint of water, add two slices of smoked haggis and boil till the mixture thickens (the barley acts as the thickening agent).

Now add the contents of a dressed crab, reserving the claw and two cracked eggs. Stir until the egg thickens then serve immediately. Add a dollop of crème fresh and carefully sprinkle the white claw meat over.

A dust of Chinese five spice gives an oriental twist. I dare you to try it.

Smoked salmon with prawns

The texture of prawns is always a delight, so using cold water prawns (Icelandic) thaw and allow to drain thoroughly. Mix with a spoonful of mayonnaise to bind and place on a slice of smoked salmon. Roll the slice around the mixture and serve.

A wedge of lemon is always nice.

Smoked haddock Mornay (my way)

Place a smoked haddock fillet skin side up on a plate and add enough milk to just cover the plate. Microwave for a couple of minutes then pour off the milk onto a pan.

Add grated smoked cheddar, double cream, butter and black pepper and carefully heat. Stir as it warms and do not let it boil or the cheese will not forgive you.

Carefully remove the haddock skin pour over the sauce and grill to crisp the cheese.

Serve with crusty bread.

Crispy duck wrap

Roast a smoked duck leg until the skin is crispy and the meat will shred.

Chop a salad mixture and prepare a sour cream and tomato salsa (or buy the ready made versions) spread on flour tortillas.

You will be amazed how much meat is produced so divide it between the tortillas you have. You can go down the Chinese route and serve with a plum sauce. Either way the intense flavour of the duck is tempered by the salad.

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