Cooked Salmon


A Galloway Smokehouse special.

Forget the messy job of steaming a whole salmon and then skinning it just before the guests arrive, and for you cooks out there remember all that lovely juice which is thrown away?

We fillet a salmon and remove the back bone, skin the two fillets, season with salt, pepper, parsley and butter, place the fillets in a vacuum pack, cook gently and then chill. All the flavour is retained so all you have to do is remove from the bag and serve.

Sold per fillet



What could be more simple?

The whole salmon weighed 2 kgs so a single fillet will feed a family of 4, but if you’re having a party order two matching fillets which will be enough for 8 people as a main course.

If you want a whole fish for a party, buy two matching fillets, remove from the bags and serve as a whole fish.

Sold per fillet