Hot Smoked Salmon


Cold smoked salmon originally cooked by mistake but turned into something incredibly gorgeous. Creamy flakes of salmon ready to eat.

Our hot smoked salmon is available as a side to make a superb centre piece for the table.

2-portions-200g £12.00
4-portions-400g £20.00
whole-sides-901g-1100g £45.00
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At Galloway Smokehouse we only sell smoked Scottish salmon, not Scottish smoked salmon.


Well smoked Scottish salmon is salmon reared in Scotland and smoked.

Scottish smoked salmon is salmon from anywhere in the world smoked in Scotland. Chile may produce some very good salmon but by the time they have been frozen, stacked in a container and shipped half way around the world freshness is not their strong point.

Scottish salmon may cost a little more because of our stringent health regulations and quality control, but if you want the best choose Scottish rather than anything else.

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2 Portions (200g), 4 Portions (400g), Whole Sides (901g – 1100g)