Wild Scottish Venison


A much under rated meat, these animas grow slower so tend to develop more flavour and the quality of their food tends to be lower so they develop much less fat. So a healthy tasty alternative. No grains are eaten by the animals so there is no argument about wasting human food on animal production. They are simply a crop of meat from land unfit for arable use.

We buy two species of deer, Red and Roe.

Roe Deer have joints and cuts similar to lamb, so a whole haunch is a family sized treat. The diced meat from the shoulder is ideal for stews and casseroles it is tender so cooking time is less than beef.

Red deer are much bigger animals with mature stags weighing as much as 150kgs, the meat has more flavour as it is often older and some of the cuts lend themselves to making steaks.

roe-haunch-min-1-7kg £25.00
roe-shoulder-dice-500g £6.00
red-loin-steaks-500g £12.00
red-haunch-steaks-500g £9.50
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Red Haunch (min 1.7kg) – Slow roast but keep covered and make a gravy from the juices.

Roe Shoulder Dice (500g) – For a warming stew add a variety of winter vegetables, a stock cube and water

Red Loin Steaks (500g) – The best steak cut of all bar the fillet, the loin is tender, juicy and ready to please.

Red Haunch Steaks (500g) – The is the topside with firmer meat still good or steaks but can also be braised.

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Venison Option

Red Haunch Steaks (500g), Red loin Steaks (500g), Roe Haunch (min 1.7kg), Roe Shoulder Dice (500g)